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AromEar Kung-Fu 香薰 耳 烛. 500 ฿ / 20min  
  • A comfortable ear-candling treatment which relitalise your senses and give you better night's sleep. It also helps to improve
    migraine and sinusities.
Formidable Ginger Tonic 老姜 热敷 足 膜. 500 ฿ / 20min  
  • A traditional remedy for cold and cure for rheumatism. It detxoifies your body, promotes blood circulation and revitalises
    the respiratory system.
    Ginger also effectively dispels wind and aids digestion.

Drunkard's Vital Antidote 醒酒 神 药. 800฿ / 70min 900฿ / 70min
  • Includes a special Hangover Remedy Foot Bath which also helps to cleanse your liver and detoxify your body,
    Neck n Shoulder Massage, FootMaster's Authentic Foot Reflexology.

Ultimate Foot Cleansing Stance 藏药 脚气 净. 800฿ / 70min 900฿ / 70min
  • Includes a detoxifying, antibacterial Foot Bath to relieve foot problems such as foot odour, swelling and itching, etc,
    Neck and Shoulder Massage, FootMaster's Authentic Reflexology.

Hidden Ice Elixir 香薰 冰 疗法 840฿ / 70min 950฿ / 70min
  • Includes a cooling, aromatic Foot Bath which Refreshes both mind and soul, soothes your tireness, Neck and Shoulder Massage, FootMaster's Authentic Reflexology.

Tai Chi Ginseng Miracle 太极 人参 养生 浴. 1,400฿ / 90min 1,520฿ / 90min
  • Includes Ginseng Foot Bath which stimulates metalbolism, inner calm and peace, this signature treatment will also relax your body, enhance your circulation and promote total well being, Neck n Shoulder Massage, Ginseng Foot Scrub, Ginseng Knee Mask and FootMaster's Authentic Foot Reflexology to achieve. balance "Ying Yang" and "Qi Xue".


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