About Us

Founded in June 2010, FootMaster was started by 3 foot massage lovers in the pursuit of authentic foot reflexology in Thailand.
After trying out different Foot Treatments in Various Parts of The World, these were frustrated by The Local Lovers Thai Foot Massage Techniques (Stick-poking Techniques, Soft Touch Techniques, etc). They were Determined to introduce 'Authentic Foot reflexology' Into Thailand.
FootMaster is strategically located on the 3rd floor of Amarin Plaza and Soi Sukhumvit 31.
Amarin Plaza is surrounded by many 5 STAR HOTELS (Grand Hyatt, Intercontinental, Holiday Inn, Four Season, etc) and is easily accessible by BTS (Chidlom).
It is also convenient for car drivers as there are ample parking spaces in both branches.
At FootMaster, we always focus on providing reflexology and therapy treatments to promote healthy living.
We apply the FootMaster's health method which promotes Simple, Authentic, Natural foot reflexology techniques.
Methods Footmaster's Health is a Form of Pharmaceutical Medicine which does involve Not Techniques, The Foot Reflex employs Rather Exercise in achieving ITS effects; this Reflex Exercise stimulates Purely internal Movements and creates The Body's Energy Task to Complete ITS.
All these years, FootMaster had been consistent in the research of the natural and genuine therapy methods in pursuit of good health.
Through stimulating The Foot Reflex Zones, The Body cells are Activated and Further Improve The Body Blood circulation, normalize The Body functions and Bringing The endocrine Systems Into Balance. We call this Form of Energy in The Chinese Medicine "Qi" which is Equivalent to ". BIO-ENERGY "in the western medicine.
Hence, is a Method for "Prevention is Better than Cure which". Once Skills and Techniques are acquired, ailments are best prevented Rather than cured.
Every part of our body are connected by reflex points on our feet.
We invest time and efforts to train all our therapists before they are qualified to handle our customers - all our therapists are Footmaster's ambassadors providing therapy and treatment.
FootMaster had successful introduced the authentic reflexology techniques in Bangkok and trained numerous therapists the this special skills.
Over the last two years, we had already performed thousands of treatments and helped many customers to improve their health.
With our genuine authentic treatments, we had already made Footmaster into a household name for foot reflexology in Thailand.
Whenever you are looking for authentic foot reflexology, Footmaster will be your next destination!
Our Authentic Foot Reflexology is a combination of three (3) main theories :.
1.Using modern medical theory as foundation, that is, knowledge on western medicine which includes physiology, human body anatomy, pharmacology, pathology, etc.
As 2.using Chinese Traditional Medical Knowledge structure. The conventional Chinese Medicine Human Body As regards an Organic Body with organs and meridians As ITS Nucleus.
3.The Interpretation and Application of I-Chin Philosophy.
i. FootMaster's Authentic Foot Reflexology adopt some I-Chin's essence, such as Yin-Yang Theory, the Five Elements and the Hour Therapy.
ii. Yin-Yang Theory interprets the roles of repellance and reliance controlling the movement of all things in the universe.
iii. Five Elements mentions the characteristics of all things and the relationships between things in different characteristic catergories.
iv. Hour Therapy determines the circulating pathways of Qi and Blood.
With scientific proof as well as clinical experiments, the holistic approach of FootMaster's Authentic Foot Reflexology was integrated.
hentic Foot Reflexology was integrated.