Who is not suitable for foot reflexology?

Foot Reflexology may not be suitable for everyone, in particular the followings:


1.Patients with weak hearts, serious diabetes, weak bodies, skin diseases or osteoporosis. 
2.Patients with blood diseases like vomiting blood, brain hemorrhage and stomach bleeding.
3.Women who are pregnant or having their menstruation.


When is it not suitable for foot reflexology?

 Foot Reflexology should not be done 30 minutes before or after meals. It is highly advisable to consume at least a glass of warm water within 30 minutes after foot reflexology which will aid the balance of the blood and helps detoxify your body.

Why is foot reflexology beneficial?

As our feet is larger than Other organs, with thicker Muscles and Skin, Blood circulation of The feet is usually The weakest As it is furthest Away from The Heart.
The Foot is The Most complicated Part of The Body As it include Reflex Zone of all. organs.
When reflexology is performed at all Reflex Zones, The Foot Temperature and Blood circulation Will be increased. Toxins Will be "Pushed Out" Along with increased Blood circulation and eventually excreted Through urinary System.
Massage of Reflex Zones improves Blood circulation, lymph Drainage, Reduces The burden of The Heart, Strengthen Immune System and Increases metabolism.
Foot Reflexology also has beautifying effects. for ladies. Proper massage of the foot reflex zones can help stimulate the adrenal gland to produce more of these hormones which will enhance the vitality of skin cells. The increased metabolism reduces skin pigmentation which also helps to