Be Our ​​Global Business Partner
Bring Love and Health to Every Body.

At Footmaster, we are committed to Totally Skills and customer Service. Backed by our Brand Strong, Successful Concept and our commitment to continually Whip up
our products and Skills, our franchisees Will share Rewarding careers while Making a difference to Real People in their Communities.
As we are EXPANDING our Franchise Network in The World, we are. currently compatible Seeking Enterprise to be Part of our growth.
Term of Franchise
The franchisee will sign a 10 years franchise agreement with an option to renew.
Steps to be Our Global Partne
Complete and return of proposal form (upon request).
 In-Depth interview
Signing of Franchise Agreement
Registration of Company
Site Selection
Design Development
Recruitment of Staffs
Stock Ordering
Marketing & Promotional preparation
The above process will takes about 4 to 6 months.
Training and Support
We assist and support all our franchisee with :.
Site selection
Layout and design
Trading under corporate identity of FootMaster
On-going supports on products, equipment and skills.
Thank You for your interest. Please email to request for proposal Send Us Form. For all Franchise Enquiry, please email to: [email protected].